Make Up Meetings

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It has never been easier to make up meetings in Rotary and one of the beauties of membership, is you are now part of the Rotary family and welcome at Clubs all over the world.  You can even make up meeting on line including eClubs in London, New York and Singapore.  
Check the Official Directory or use the Club Locator to get meeting and contact information. Be sure to call or e-mail before you show up for a meeting.

What to do when you can't find a meeting:

Rotarians often wonder what to do if there’s not a club where they travel or if an emergency causes them to miss a meeting.
  • One option is to attend a regular meeting of a local Rotaract club, Interact club, Rotary Community Corps or Rotary Fellowship. Attending one of these meetings counts as a make-up.  This can include new member orientation, EAFK, board meetings, etc.
  • Another option is to participate in an interactive activity on a Rotary e-club website. Check with your club secretary and the e-club of interest to learn more.  Find out more about e-club locations by clicking on the eClub Make Up  in this section.
  • Refer to the RI Bylaws to learn about other options for making up a missed meeting.