Early Act First Knight (EAFK)
Knighting Ceremonies Are Announced
EAFK is one project that Victoria Rotarians approach with a passion.  This is an instructional program to teach children values.  The program was created by Dr. Randall Parr, when he experienced the lack or values in young sailors as a Naval officer.  The program, supported by Rotary, started with just one elementary "test" school, but has been so successful, that all the elementary schools in VISD participate.  Our Club sponsors and supports five elementary schools. 
As a Rotarian, you are asked to volunteer 2 hours to attend a knighting ceremony.  You are there to show support and perhaps participate in handing medals to the knight.  It is a real "feel good" opportunity...one that you will truly enjoy.  Dan Gilliam is chairing the program for our Club.  Below are September's dates.  Please let Dan know if you can help out with one of the schools.  We will have three sets of dates September thru November and then three again beginning in February.  The jousting ceremony and joint luncheon will take place in January at the Community Center...date to be announced.  Additional dates will be published on the website.
September dates are as follows:
Tue, 9/25     1:30pm     DeLeon
Wed, 9/26    8:00am    Aloe
Thu, 9/27     8:00am     Schorlemmer
Thu, 9/27     1:30pm     Rowland
Fri, 9/28      8:00am     Hopkins
The Virtues the children will study this year are: Respect, Discipline, Honesty, Friendliness, Perseverance and Service.